Sixth Class Booklist

Ms Ruane’s 6th Class Book List 2019/2020


To Buy

English:               Spelling will be decided in September

Ready, Steady, Write! 4 (Folens)


Maths:                 Master Your Maths 6 – CJ Fallon

Mathematical Drawing set ( Your daughter may have this from last year)


Religion:               My Confirmation – Yes, I Will Be Your Witness – Brian Doyle – CJ Fallon


SESE:                  Small World History 6

Small World Geography and Science 6


Copies:                 4 x A4 Hardback Copies

3 x 88 page Writing Copies

4 x 88 page Maths Copies

1 x A4 Scrapbook

2 x A4 display booklet (40 sheets) – No ring binders please

2x Cartridge pen


2x red pens

2x pencils

Set of colours (Twistables)

1x highlighter marker;

30cm ruler


Pencil Sharpener



School Expenses €65 to cover the following:

Book Rental – English readers, Maths book, Sin É, Wordwise, Religion

Licence Fees for Interactive Programmes

24 hour Insurance Cover



Art and Craft Materials


The €65 can be paid in cash or on our online payment system (link will be emailed on 26th June).

Note: The expenses for the first term’s activities will be sent out in early September.


Please put your child’s name on the front cover of all books and copies.

Please ensure your child’s schoolbag is big enough for all books.

Please ensure your child’s name is clearly marked on her jumper, tracksuit top and coats.


Children (Sen Inf – 6th Class) will return to school at 9.00 on Thursday the 29th of August.


Looking forward to working with your child in September .