Sixth Class Booklist

Scoil Naomh Eoin De

Ms.O’ Neill’s 6TH Class Booklist       2018-2019 


My Spelling Workbook G-Prim Ed


New Wave Mental Maths 6-Revised Edition –Prim Ed


My Confirmation Yes! I will be your witness- Brian Doyle

 Copies ,Pens /Pencils

2 A4 Hardback copies, 2 x88 page maths copies, 4×88 page writing copies

2 x20 page Display books

2 Cartridge Pens and cartridges ,2 red pens ,2 pencils ,set of colours (crayons /pencils )long ruler,eraser,pencil parer ,2 prittstick and scissors .

Please put €55 euro in an envelope with CHILD’S NAME on front and give to class teacher the first week in September .Alternatively, online payments will be available in September via email link.

This money covers

  • All reading and oral language activities
  • Art and crafts materials
  • Photocopying and assessment materials
  • 24 hour insurance cover
  • Book Rental
  • Homework Diary

Please have all books and copies covered with your child’s name clearly marked

Looking forward to working with your child in the coming year . See you all on the 30th August 2018.

Mile Buiochas- Deirdre O Neill