Senior Infants

The Arrival of the Fairies!


We had many questions to ask the fairies so we decided to write a letter to them. We left the notes outside their doors and on Monday we came back to school and found a box of letters in the trees waiting for us. We were so excited!

Aistear: The Vet

We played at the Vet’s office and learned all about the different things a vet does to help the sick animals. 

     We made animals out of play doh!


We brought in our own stuffed animals from home to play with them.





The 5 Senses: 

We learned all about the 5 senses. We tasted 4 different foods. Some were bitter, some were sweet and some were salty. We found the lemon very bitter!


Aistear: The Post Office


We are learning all about the Post Office. We even posted letters home. 

It was so much fun!




Our Autumn Nature Walk to the Castle Park

Our Super Senior Infants

Ms. Butler’s Senior Infants 🙂
Ms. O’ Mahony’s Senior Infants 🙂