Second Class

Our Spectacular Second Classes


Halloween in Ms. O’Neill’s class
Look at our Musical Instruments
First Communion Preparations
Working with Ms. Lynch . Learning more about Australia .
Look at some of the girls’ virtual art projects on the things they have been enjoying most during their time at home!
Halloween fun and games in Ms Bolster’s class! Who can find the trick or treat in the jelly!
We learned all about castles this term and were lucky enough to get a tour of Kilkenny Castle. We learned what each room was used for and recreated our own models of rooms out of Lego.
We also took a trip to the park with Ms O’Neill’s class to look for signs of nature. We made Autumn stickers with all the things we found.
Our Nature Walk in the Castle Park
We learned all about China in January and created some wonderful projects. As a treat, we celebrated Chinese New Year with a party. We sampled green tea, ate fortune cookies, played games using chopsticks and created a huge dragon for our classroom!
We celebrated World Book Day in March by turning a potato into our favourite book character. We all made a huge effort and the results were amazing. We presented our characters to the class and talked about our favourite books.
A lovely tree picture
Happy picture
Happy picture
Having fun during lockdown.
Our Circle of Friends
Our Creative Penguins
Emily has learned about San Francisco
Thank You to all our Frontline Workers