Second Class B.List

Ms. Paybody’s Second Class Book List 2017/2018

Dear Parents,                           .

Children (Senior Infants – 6th Class) will return to school at 9.00 on Thursday 31s August.

The following are the books your child will need for next year:

Maths:                     Busy at Maths  Second Class    CJ Fallon

                      Master Your Maths  2 Mental Maths  CJ Fallon

Religion:                  Grow in Love Wookbook – Second Primary 4   Veritas

                      Getting Ready for my First Holy Communion  Rainbow Education

SESE/SPHE            Small World Second Class   CJ Fallon

Gaeilge                    Bua na Cainte 2    –  Edco

Interactive Programme – licence paid by school

English                   Readers – Rented from school

Jolly  Phonics  Grammar 2  Pupil Book

Word Wise 2 – Second Class,   CJ Fallon

Modern Handwriting 2A (Fallons) blue book

Copies                             6 x 88 page  with margin

1 Modern Handwriting 2A Copy with red and blue lines

1 Maths Copy – Junior Sum Copy (10mm squares)

1 A4 Display Folder (40 pages)

2 Lismore hardback copies (A5 size – 9”x7”) with margin

Other Necessary Items

2 Pencils (2HB) & Erasers & sissors

Twistables Crayola Coloured Pencils (these are the best type)

2 Large Pritt-Stick glue (this is the best type)

2 Zip Close Folders & 1 Large Ruler

Please put your child’s name on the front cover of all books and copies.

Schoolbag    Please ensure your child’s schoolbag is big enough (use Busy at Maths as a guide).

School Uniform

Please ensure your child’s name is clearly on her jumper, tracksuit top and coats.

Please put €60 in an envelope with your child’s name on the front and give to the class teacher the first week of September. Alternatively on-line payments will be available in September via an e-mail link.  This money covers: all reading and oral language activities, arts and crafts materials, license fee for gaeilge interactive programme , photocopying, assessment materials and 24 hour insurance cover (home and school).

Looking forward to working with your child  in September.

Ms. Paybody