Health Promoting school

All classes are now given the opportunity to play with P.E. equipment during playtime. They are loving it!!


In 2016, St. John of God P.S., in partnership with the H.S.E., adopted a new programme called Health Promoting Schools (HPS), which focuses on health and wellbeing and involves all members of the school community.

The first step in introducing the programme was to form a HPS Committee and the following are its members:

Co-ordinator:     Ms. Eileen Costigan

Teachers:            Ms. Joan Paybody, Ms. Caitriona Knox

Pupils:                   Ruby Timmons, Aoibheann McGuire, Ciara Walsh, Paulina Povemska, Sienna Redmond, Erika Bourke, Iris Kavanagh, Aoibheann Keyes and Lucy Drennan.

Parents:               Ms. Ciara Walsh, Ms. Siobhan Priestley

After consultation with children, parents and staff, the following were highlighted as some of the key areas that could be enhanced and the actions outlined have been put in place as a result.

Responses Action Taken
9% of parents would like more communication from the school. Website updated; increase in texts to parents; Facebook presence established.
10% of children would like healthier lunches and 6% of parents expressed uncertainty regarding ‘healthy’ lunches. Healthy Lunch Ideas updated and circulated to each family. ‘Healthy Eating’ also covered in class.
20% of children wanted improvements to playground. Playground Committee formed and planning commenced (funding had previously been allocated).
13% of children want more exercise in school. ‘Fit-Feb’ event organised by Georgina and Mr. Gorey.

WOW (Walk-on-Wednesdays) re-established.

In our school, we have set up our very own Health Promoting Schools Committee. Our aim is that, with the joint efforts of both teachers and students, we can help to make our school an even more healthier and happier place.

Our Committee members for 2016-17 are: Health Promoting Schools Committee 2016-17

Here at St. John of God, we are making extra efforts to get extra active during the school day. We are participating in Operation Transformation’s 10@10 Active School Initiative and incorporating an extra 10 minutes of exercise into our school day. These routines, coordinated by Mr. Gorey and Georgina, are a great way of getting warmed up for the day ahead!

Here we are in action:

Exercies Sessions