Our Garden


Situated in the centre of the playground, the children’s garden is like a welcome oasis to all who enter our school. Built several years ago, the garden is not only very pretty to look at, it also forms an integral part of the school curriculum (Science – Environmental Awareness and Care).

A programme has been developed by the teachers to ensure that each child gets to plant and care for a wide range of vegetables and flowers during their eight years at our school. Autumn is always an exciting time in the garden as the girls harvest a variety of crops including radishes, onions, turnips, parsnips and carrots.

Giant sunflowers tower over the picket fences and beautifully scented sweet peas greet the children on their return to school in September. In winter time, the girls provide food for the many species of birds that come to feed at the bird table. Spring is always a very busy period when all the planting occurs. Summer picnics are enjoyed by different classes in the grassy open space. The annual Plant and Cake Sale in the school is also hugely enjoyable at this time of year.

Overall, the garden is a wonderful resource in our school. It nurtures an interest in gardening and provides all the children with opportunities to develop many skills. It encourages a great interest in gardening, an interest we hope lasts a lifetime.

Have a look at some of the first signs of Spring in our school garden!