School Calendar 2018/2019


Calendar 2018/2019

School opens for pupils on Thursday August 30th 2018.

[Note: Junior Infants will begin on Friday, August 31st ]

Term 1:

Mid term:  Closed  from Monday 29th  October 2018 to Friday 2nd November 2018

Christmas holidays: Schools will close on Friday 21st December 2018

School re-opens Monday January 7th 2019

Term 2:

Mid-term: Closed Feb 18-22 inclusive (Full week).

School re-opens: Monday February 25th 2019

Public Holiday:  Monday March 18th 2019

Easter: School will close on Friday 12th April 2019 which will be the final day of the school term

School re-opens Monday April 29 2019

Term 3:        

Public Holiday:  Monday May 6th 2019

Public Holiday:  Monday June 3rd 2019

School closed: Tuesday June 4th 2019

Summer Holidays: School closes on Friday June 28th 2019




School Opens for Senior Infant – 6th pupils on Thursday 29 August 2019.

Open for Junior Infant pupils Friday 30th  August

Term 1

October mid-term: Monday October 28 – Friday November 1st.

Christmas holidays begin on Friday December 20th.

School re-opens on Monday January 6th.

Term 2

February mid-term: Monday February 17th – Friday February 21st .

St. Patrick’s Day: Closed Monday, Tuesday March 16th & 17th .

Easter holidays begin on Friday April 3.

School re-opens on Monday April 20th.

Term 3 

June Public Holiday: Closed Monday, Tuesday June 1st & 2nd.


Close for summer holiday on Tuesday, June 30th.