Sixth Class Confirmation 2018

Confirmation 2018


On the 24th of February, Ms Corcoran’s 6th class celebrated the Sacrament of Confirmation in St. Mary’s Cathedral. It was such an enjoyable and special day that we will remember forever. St. Patrick’s De La Salle Boy’s School and Kilkenny School Project were also confirmed on the same day.

To prepare for this special day, Ms Corcoran and Fr. Mark taught us all about the Sacrament of Confirmation and how we can use the gifts of the Holy Spirit in our daily lives. We really enjoyed it when Fr. Mark came in to visit us every Friday too. He told us many stories, taught us more about God and answered our MANY questions (He was very patient!). We also each chose a Saints name and did a project on them to find out more about who they were and the good things that they have done.

The ceremony itself started at 11am and was said by Father Mark and Father Rodrick. During the mass, we renewed our Baptismal Promises and took the pledges to abstain from taking drugs and alcohol. We were joined by our individual sponsors during the Rite of Confirmation. They placed their right hand on our right shoulder while Father Mark placed Chrism on our foreheads, in the shape of a cross. We all received the gifts of the Holy Spirit and are now adult members in God’s Church!

The day wouldn’t have been the same without the wonderful choir that consisted of the fifth class girls in St. John of God and boys from St. Patrick’s De La Salle. They sang so beautifully on the day! Huge thanks to Ms O’Keeffe for all of her hard work!

By Rachel Brennan, Keiva Cody and Niamh Ryan