School Concerts

Ms. Ryan’s Second Class performed” Snow White “in rhyme. The Seven Dwarves danced and sang 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton. The Prince and his noblemen sang” I’m a believer.” It finished beautifully with the whole class singing “Snow is falling”. What a humorous uplifting performance!


Ms. Knox’s First Class performed “Santa Lost his hat “.This was an exciting and entertaining play with lots of songs such as “Silly Santa” and” Ask a Snowman”. The play ends with Santa finding that he had been sitting on his hat all the time. What a silly man!


Ms. Paybody’s Senior Infants and First class entertained us with their fantastic play” No room at the Inn”. It told the story of the birth of Jesus from the Inn Keepers point of view. The poor Innkeeper had a very disruptive night as he had lots of unexpected visitors. It finished with a lovely surprise for the Innkeeper.


Ms. Ruanes Third Class wowed us with their musical abilities. They played Alabama, Camptown Races, On top of old Smokey and Silent Night on their tinwhistles. Then they sang An Chead NollaIg and Santa’s gonna rock, n roll.

What a talented bunch!


Mrs. Hogan/ Ms. Kirwan Fifth class showed us some of the highlights of the Rugby World Cup 2015.They re-enacted the tries and injuries during the event. We were treated to a rendition of Irelands Call. This was a comical play with a variety of songs and dances.

news-schoolconcert-img_1561Ms. O Brien /Ms. Walsh‘s Junior Infants performed Robins Christmas Sing Along .This was their first time to perform on stage and they wowed their audiences. It is a heart warming story of a robin whose singing was not appreciated .However the stars led robin to a stable where robin sang to everyone. It finishes on a happy note with robin’s singing being appreciated by everyone including Mary and Joseph.

All ready for our first Christmas concert.




Mrs. Everard’s Fourth Class performed a terrific mix of all our favourite fairytales. Cinderella, Pinochio, Little Red Riding Hood, Little Bo Peep and Peter Pan all appeared on the one stage and we were particularly impressed as the girls had composed the entire script themselves.


Ms. Costigan’s Sixth Class began their performance with hilarious versions of the Cadbury’s chocolate and SpecSaver’s advertisements. This was followed by a Christmas hip-hop dance and ended with a beautiful rendition of ‘When a Child is Born.’ Maith sibh a chailiní.




Ms. Butler’s Senior Infants performed ‘Shine Star Shine’ Lily Hennessy was the star that could not shine. All the girls were terrific and looked amazing on stage with the fabulous costumes. We thought it was very entertaining and would love to see it again!



Ms. Corcoran’s Second and Third performed a brilliant version of ‘Cinderella’. The play was very funny and the class really made it come to life. The wicked stepmother and ugly stepsisters were hilarious. We thought the song ‘Somewhere only we know’ was so peaceful and relaxing. All in all, we all loved the performance.




Mr. Gorey’s Fifth Class did a great version of Britain’s Got Talent but it was very suitably renamed ‘ St. John of God’s Got Talent’!! We thought the three contestants The Little Stars, Waka Waka and Mudsey and Pudsey were brilliant. The hosts and judges played very convincing roles and we were laughed so much at all the antics!  A very entertaining show!



Last of all but certainly not least were Ms. O’ Neill’s Sixth Class.  The performed the great classic ‘ A Christmas Carol’. It was a magical play and we were  all mesmerised by the ghosts and how they changed Scrooge’s life. The play included a brilliant dance routine and it was obvious that the sixth class girls enjoyed the performance just as much as the audience did.