Our School Garden :)

Our garden in a source of inspiration and learning for all the girl in St. John of God. Every child has the chance to plant and care for a variety of vegetables and flowers during their eight years in school. They learn a lot of skills while tending to the garden. They learn patience (children often think the plants should be up the next day), they learn about the science of planting (what plants need to grow and survive) and they also learn about nutrition.

Our season starts in Spring when all the girls plant vegetables. There are nine raised beds in the garden. We plant a wide variety of vegetables such as onions, shallots, beetroot, lettuce and strawberries. The children wait anxiously for these to grow over the spring and summer months.

While waiting for our vegetables to grow, the children get the chance to sow flowers in the many planters and window beds around the school. Junior infants grow the sunflowers for the pots in the front of the school which are later planted out and are lovely to look at in the summer time. Other classes grow pansies, marigolds and violas for the window boxes. The school looks wonderful when all the flowers are in bloom. Many of the flowers grown by the children are then available to buy in our annual cake, plant and craft sale đŸ™‚