Ms. O’Neill Deirdre Booklist

6th Class Book List 2016-2017

Dear Parents,

Children will return to school at 9.00am (new start time) on Thursday 1st September. Remember we will finish at 2.50pm.

The following are the books your child will need for next year:

English                        My Spelling Workbook G     Prim-Ed

Maths                         Mental Maths 6 Prim-Ed

Gaeilge                 Graiméar le chéile Rang 5 & 6 Edco

Religion                        My Confirmation Yes! I will be your witness –Brian Doyle.

Copies                         2 A4 hardback copies (Homework, SESE)

3 x 88 page writing copies (Gaeilge, English, Test)

2 x 88 page maths copies


1x click folder with 20 plastic pockets with subject dividers

Pens /Pencils          2 cartridge pens and cartridges, 2 red pens, 2 pencils

Set of colours (crayons /pencils)

1 Highlighter marker, long ruler, eraser, parer, 2 prittstick

& scissors.

Maths set and calculator

Please put €55 in an envelope with CHILD’S NAME marked on front and give to class teacher the first week in September.  This covers photocopying, 24 hour insurance cover, book rental, homework diary, art and craft and assessments.

The expenses for the first term activities will be sent out in early September

Looking forward to working with your child in September.

Deirdre O’ Neill & Aoife Corcoran