Ms. Mulhall Mary Booklist

St. John of God P.S.




Dear Parents,


The following are the books that you will need to buy for next year. All other books are provided by the school.  Please ensure that books are covered and that the child’s name is clearly marked on the outside.  All books should be given to the teacher during the first week as they are kept in school.


Please note:

      • No schoolbag is needed until after Halloween. Please ensure that the school bag is just big enough to fit an A4 size book. Bags on wheels are not allowed for safety reasons.
      • Pencils/Crayons are provided by the school.



BOOKS to be bought


ENGLISH:                 Just Handwriting Pre-Cursive Handwriting Programme

– Junior Infants (

Word Wizard – Junior Infants (Gill)


MATHS:                    Busy at Maths – Junior Infants (Folens)


SESE:                        Small World – Junior Infants  (CJ Fallon)


RELIGION:                Grow in Love Workbook – Junior Infants Primary 1


2 large pritt sticks, clearly labelled with child’s name

1 A4 zip plastic folder





Please put €60 in an envelope with CHILD’S NAME on front and give to class teacher the first week in September.

This covers:

  • all reading and oral language materials,
  • licence fee for Gaeilge Interactive programme
  • art and craft materials
  • photocopying
  • paper charges in lieu of copies
  • assessment materials
  • 24 hour insurance cover