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Apps. for Your Tablet and Phone

Junior and Senior Infants-Reading

Phonics Hero                                                          Phonic stories

Pocketphonic                                                         Letter Sounds

Spelling Monster                                                    Spelling City

Letter School                                                        Sight Words

Train Phonics                                                         Eggy 100

Blend it                                                                  Spelling Bug

ABC 123                                                                  Train Phonics

Junior and Senior Infants -Math

123 Tracing                                                 Count to 10

Memory Matches                                          Time Teacher

Math Bingo                                                  Counting 123

Math Lite                                                    Lols’s Math

Space Dots                                                  Math Puppy

Shape Village                                               Telling time

1st and 2nd class Reading and Maths

Phonic Vowels                                               Short Vowels

Long vowels                                                  Word Families

Spelling city                                                 Pop words

Eggy 100                                                      Eggy 250

Shop and Math                                             Math Dots

Grade 1 math                                               Bubble math

Math series                                                 Monkey Math

1-20balloons                                                 Animal Math

3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th –Reading and Math

Spell Bot lite                                               iWriteWords

Letter Monster                                           Crossword

Sight words                                                 Word Types Grammar

Chicktionary                                                Scrabble

King of Math                                                Math Lands

Division for kids                                          Pizza 1

Mad math                                                     Times Tables Quiz

Math Champions                                           Mathboard

Websites for Parents

National Council for Special Education:

Working together to make a difference for children:

National parents council:                                                                                                                                                   

General Resources