First Class B.List

First Class Book List 2017/2018

Dear Parents,            .

Children (Senior Infants – 6th Class) will return to school at 9.00 on Thursday 31st September. Remember we will finish at 2.50.

The following are the books your child will need for next year:

Maths:                     Busy at Maths  First Class    CJ Fallon

                      Master Your Maths 1  CJ Fallon

                      Edco Tables Book (orange cover)

Religion:                  Grow in Love Workbook – Second Primary 3  Veritas

SESE/SPHE            Small World First  Class   CJ Fallon

Gaeilge                    Bua na Cainte 1    –  Edco

Interactive Programme – licence paid by school

English                   Readers – Rented from school

Wonderland Skills Book F ,   CJ Fallon

       Wordwise 1 – First Class – CJ Fallon

       Jolly Grammar 1

Just Handwriting Book –Precursive Handwriting Programme: 1st Class educatie.i

Copies                              4 x 88 page

1 Modern Handwriting 2A Copy with red and blue lines

1 Maths Copy – Junior Sum Copy (10mm squares)

1 A4 Display Folder (40 pages)

2 Lismore hardback copy  (A5 size – 9”x7”)

Other Necessary Items

Pencils (2HB) & Erasers

Twistables Crayola Coloured Pencils (these are the best type)

2 Large Pritt-Stick glue (this is the best type)

2 Zip Close Folders

1 Large Ruler

Please put your child’s name on the front cover of all books and copies.

Schoolbag    Please ensure your child’s schoolbag is big enough (use Busy at Maths as a guide).

School Uniform    Please ensure your child’s name is clearly on her jumper, tracksuit top and coats.


Please put €60 in an envelope with your child’s name marked on front and give it to the class teacher the first week in September. This covers photocopying, 24 hour insurance cover, book rental, art and craft, all reading and oral language materials, licence fees and assessments.

The expenses for the first term’s activities will be sent out in early September. Looking forward to working with your child  in September.