First Class B.List

First Class (Ms O’Brien/Ms.Hoyne) Book List 2021

To Buy

Maths:              Busy at Maths First Class    (CJ Fallon)

Master Your Maths 1 (CJ Fallon)

Religion:                  Grow in Love Workbook – First Class- Primary 3   Veritas

SESE/SPHE:           Small World First Class   CJ Fallon

Gaeilge:                   Bua na Cainte 1 Workbook   –  Edco


English:                   Word Wise 1 (CJ Fallon)

A Way with Words 1 (CJ Fallon)

Ready, Steady, Write 1 Pre- Cursive (Folens)


Copies:                    4 x 88 page  with margin

1 Maths copy (Junior sums copy-10mm squares)

1 Lismore hardback copy (A4 size)

2 Large Pritt-Stick glue (this is the best type, please label with name)

2 Zip Close Folders (labelled)

1 Display folder (labelled)

4 Pencils (2HB), Erasers and sharpener.

Twistables Crayola Colours (these are the best type)

3 tubs of playdough-labelled (1 for each term)

Scissors (labelled)

White board, 3 whiteboard markers and wiper for board (labelled)

Please label all items with child’s name.

Hygiene bag: Face cloth, hand sanitizer and tissues-every child needs one of these in their bags.

School Expenses €55 to cover the following:

Book Rental – English readers

Licence Fees for Interactive Programmes

24 hour Insurance Cover



Art and Craft Materials

Online payment: The €55 can be paid on our online payment system. Your link for the online payment system will be sent via Aladdin in the next week under the title “School expenses 2021/2022”. You can pay in full or in instalments over the summer. Please note these payments are due by 28th August 2021. Children in 1st class will return to school on Tuesday 31st August at 9:00a.m.

Please put your child’s name on the front cover of all books and copies, on her jumper, tracksuit top and coats.